2020 Willoughby Wildcats

UpdatedThursday July 25, 2019 byWBL.

Players league age is their age as of April 31 of the playing season.

2020 Willoughby Wildcats Team tryouts will be on August 4, 2019. Tryouts wil be held at Todd Fields at 6 pm. 9U at Todd 5, 10U at Todd 3, 11U at Todd 4, 12U at Todd 2, 13U at Todd 6 & 14U at Todd 1. Coach information is below.

9U Team
MANAGER: Vic Reynolds
PHONE: 440-539-9239
EMAIL: vreynold2000@yahoo.com

10U Team
MANAGER: Scott Howman
PHONE: 440-479-1117
EMAIL: scarlettngrey77@gmail.com

11U Team
MANAGER: Nick Leskiewicz
PHONE: 440-749-1498
EMAIL: nick.leskiewicz@yahoo.com

12U Team
MANAGER: Chris O'Brien
PHONE: 440-221-7189
EMAIL: cobtribefan@gmail.com

13U Team
MANAGER: Mike Ferrari
PHONE: 440-478-4563
EMAIL: mrferrari17@hotmail.com

14U Team
MANAGER: Rich Hill
PHONE: 440-525-6515
EMAIL: richnikehill@att.net