Board Members & Commissioners

UpdatedFriday October 25, 2019 byWBL.

The Willoughby Baseball Executive Board of Directors:

President: Chris O'Brien           440-221-7189

Administrative VP: Dave Hahner 440-497-7956

Hardball VP: Scott Howman        440-479-1117

Fastpitch VP: Rob Bartholomai     440-223-3540

Treasurer:Jason Baylog     216-644-1668

Secretary: John Schulte      440-289-1016

The Willoughby Baseball Commissioners:

Instructional (Tee Ball) Commissioners: Dave Hahner       440-497-7956

Pixie:Stephanie Billhardt                   440-862-1271

10U Girls: Steve Billhardt                 440-862-8347           

12U Girls: Jamie Eck                        216-288-8359

14U Girls: Ryan Kennedy                 440-840-9703

18U Girls: Mark Pasqualone            440-823-1782

Mitey Mite: Pat Luhta                        440-497-7078

Minor: Chris Sievers                         440-463-5278                    

Major: Jeff DeMarco                        215-237-6775

Pony: Scott Howman                       440-479-1117

Colt: Dave Hahner                              440-497-7956

Hardball Travel/Rec All-Stars: Chris O'Brien   440-221-7189

IAP (Individual Assistance Program): Mike Romeo    440-476-6904

The Willoughby Baseball League Directors:

Concession Stands: Diane Bartholomai                    440-944-0444

Fast-Pitch Tournament Director: Mark Pasqualone   440-585-2169

Hardball Tournament Director: Chris O’Brien            440-221-7189

Umpire-In-Chief: Mitch Bartholmai                            440-622-5346

Social Media: Ryan Kennedy                                    440-840-9703

Scholarship Director:Kim Nicholl